Enterprises & SMEs

AI Gamified Training & Transformation

(Cloud Solution)

  • Enhance Training ROI up to 9x
  • Power up your memory up to 9x
  • Use AI-scheduled revision games
  • Create multiple AI games in seconds!
  • Use Cases:
    Team Building
    Sales Training
    Customer Service Training
    Product Training
    ESG Training
    Policy and Compliance Training
    Business Process Training

Feature Highlights

AI Gamification

Play engaging games to earn Points and redeem physical and virtual rewards


Enhance training results up to 9x through AI-scheduled revision games

AI Reports

Provide analytics and recommendations for individuals and teams


Use AI-scheduled revision games to strengthen personal memory by up to 9x

  • 10+ years of R&D
  • 20+ patents filed
  • 20+ proprietary game types

Revise, Retain & Result!

Dr. Hermann Ebbinghaus’ Research:

The 7th day after training, memory retention can drop 90% (10% left).

Accelerate learning progress up to 9 times

Retain over 90% (10% x 9) of your learning using a multitude of AI games

WEA AI Gamified Clubs

  • World ESG Club
  • Business English Club
  • Corporate Training Club
  • Business Network Club
  • Outstanding Marketers Club
  • Outstanding Sales Professional Club
  • Outstanding Management Club
  • Outstanding HR Club

Standard Membership


About 10 Games + 10 Tutorials per month
✓ Standard Gifts
✓ Standard Club Points

Premier Membership


✓ Over 100 Games + 100 Tutorials per month
✓ Quarterly & Yearly Certificates
✓ Deluxe Gifts
✓ 10x Club Points
✓ Case Study: Team Building Games for Social Networking

WEA World Cup

  • World Cup ESG
  • World Cup Business English



✓ Earn the chance to enter the Final Challenge

Final Challenge (Quarterly)


✓ Certificate
✓ Awards & Prizes