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WEA offers a one-stop solution to elevate your workplace professionalism with WEA's Ai Clubs, featuring gamified learning tailored for all employees and individuals looking to enhance their skills.

Ai Gamified Clubs for Everyone

Ai Gamified Clubs for Businesses

Ai Gamified Clubs for Schools

Ai Gamified Community Clubs

 Full Spectrum of Ai Gamified Learning

Immerse yourself in a wide variety of Ai game types and never feel bored during your learning journey.

Speaking & Listening

Knowledge Updates

Usage & Spelling


Ai Checkpoint

Memory Index & Level-up

Ai Reports & Analytics

Intelligent Recommendations & Weakness-focused improvements

Ai Gamification

Enhanced Experiences with Virtual & Physical Rewards

Dominate Club Leaderboards & Win Rewards

Reach higher tiers on the Club Leaderboards to unlock and redeem better rewards.

Premier Membership Exclusive

Verified Certificates

Stay committed to your learning journey and earn Digital Certificates as a reward. These certificates are verifiable on WEA's official webpage, providing you with a valuable credential to showcase your achievements.

Supercharge Your Learning with Premier Club Memberships

Upgrade to a Premier Membership with WEA's Ai Clubs to enjoy even more exciting perks beyond the free Standard Membership. Unlock expanded gamified learning, unlimited access to Ai features, premium rewards, and more!



 About 10 Games/month
 Standard Gifts
 Standard Club Points



 Over 100 Games/month
 Quarterly & Yearly Certificates
 Deluxe Gifts
 10x Club Points

Unlock Exclusive Access to World Cup Pre-Qualification & Official Challenges

As you enjoy gamified learning with WEA's Ai Clubs, you'll also have the chance to unlock entry to Pre-Qualification or win discounted entry tickets to WEA World Cup - the world's first eSports Olympiad.