WEA World Cup

The world's first ever-educational eSports event: learn, play, and challenge friends from around the world in this 100% online event!

WEA Scholarships & Sponsorships

WEA appreciates the efforts and contributions learners, teachers, and education leaders have made in their pursuit of knowledge and educational excellence, and has established corresponding award programs to recognize their exceptional achievements. 

Founded by a group of enthusiastic educators worldwide, WEA has been incorporated in the United States for over 20 years and has organized educational programs, activities and events in over 100 countries.

WEA's mission is to advocate equal opportunities of quality education globally through educational technology.

World’s 1st eSports Olympiad in Language, Culture and Tourism

Experience the ultimate global competition in language, culture, and tourism! Join the massive eSports olympiad with over 17.5 million participants hailing from 100+ countries!

WEA World Rankings

Discover the world with WEA's top 100 countries lists, featuring the best countries for Sustainability and ESG, Education, Expats, and Tourists.

What does WEA do?

WEA Exam Systems

Curated by distinguished educators, the WEA ILAS exam system, and corresponding courses are designed to accurately assess progress whilst streamlining learning.

WEA Daily Speaking Course: Coming Soon

Compatible with WEA ILAS, the Daily Speaking Course focuses on language for daily use. For 20 minutes a day, learners can expedite their progress via exciting games.

Other Courses

WEA offers a myriad of fun-filled courses that span from numeracy & shapes for preschoolers to business English for professionals. 

WEA World Cup

WEA ventures beyond traditional learning methods to present the WEA World Cup challenge: the industry's first cross-over between eSports and learning.

EdTech & Partners

WEA has partnered with fellow eminent educators and some of the biggest names in tech to bring the best learning experience to students and fellow educators worldwide.

Events & Charity

WEA endeavors to increase access to quality education by sponsoring EdTech and necessities for the underprivileged, and by rewarding outstanding students, teachers, and educators.

Latest Events

WEA World Cup 2023/24 accepts pre-registration now!

The first-ever educational eSports event: WEA World Cup has been hugely popular worldwide. Pre-register for the 2023/24 Championships for free entry!

WEA Scholarship Program applications are open!

Established to fully recognize learners’ efforts and to demonstrate excellence in learning, leadership, activities, awards, and community service, the WEA Scholarhip Program is now open for applications.

WEA Education Ambassador Program calls for applications!

WEA is now looking for energetic individuals who are passionate in education to join its team of Ambassadors. Join the distinguished clique today to earn online course licenses, certificates, and more!