Scholarships & Charity

As a true believer in education, WEA seeks to increase access to quality education through a line-up of educational and charity events, including the provision of scholarships, free course trials for schools and students, and donations to the underprivileged.

Educational Events

WEA Scholarships

WEA appreciates the efforts and contributions that learners, teachers, and education leaders have made in their pursuit of knowledge and educational excellence, and has established corresponding award programs to recognize their exceptional achievements. 

WEA Education Ambassador Program

WEA is looking for passionate individuals to join its WEA Education Ambassador Program, where like-minded educators connect to advocate for educational equality. Ambassadors are entitled to complimentary online course licenses and certificates, and are fuelled by WEA's charitable empowerment projects to make a positive impact.

WEA Beneficiary Partnership Program

WEA partners with locally-led nonprofit organizations around the globe to provide the necessary funding for charitable projects: from livehood programs to educational techonogy sponsorships. Find out how to become one of WEA's beneficiaries.

WEA Distinguished Teacher Awards

WEA recognizes the notable achievements of teaching professionals, and their work in changing the lives of future generations through knowledge. It has thus set up corresponding awards to pay tribute to outstanding educators worldwide, and to aid their work with educational technologies.

Charity Events