WEA Scholarship Program

WEA seeks to recognize learners’ demonstrated excellence in academics, achievements, and community service. Applications are rigorously reviewed by WEA's Award Review Panel of distinguished educators.

Scholarship Details

The WEA Scholarship encompasses 7 award tiers granted based on learners' track record in academics, all-round development, and community service. It is open for applications all year round with designated quotas allotted to each quarter.  Successful applicants will be contacted by WEA within one month of application submission.

What are the steps to apply for the WEA Scholarship?

Step 1: Apply

Applicants fill out the application form on WEA’s website

Step 2: Review

WEA’s Award Committee reviews applications

Step 3: Results

Successful applicants will be contacted by WEA within 1 month

What are the Scholarship review criteria?

Academic Excellence

Efforts in the pursuit of knowledge and in making improvements in one's learning journey are acknowledged.

Other Achievements

Leadership achievements, competition awards, extra-curricular activities, skills and completed courses & trainings are fully recognized.

Community Service

Participation and leadership in community service programs and contributions to society are appreciated and encouraged.

Who makes up the WEA Awards Review Panel?

Dr. Ruby M. Uy

Dr. Uy is the President of Rotary Club Davao. She was the Dean of Nursing & Allied Health Program of Brokenshire College for two decades. She is currently the President of the Philippine Nurses Association Davao Chapter & Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines.

Dr. Caroline G. Ballesteros

Dr. Ballesteros holds a PhD in Leadership Management. She has directed and propelled local corporate branding initiatives, including the award-winning – eTelecare Global Solutions. She has also partnered with the local government to conduct “Train the Teachers Programs”.

Dr. Elizabeth M. Malonzo

Dr. Malonzo is a professor at the University of Mindanao, Professional Schools. She holds a PhD in Development Research and Administration and has over 35 years’ experience in the field of tertiary education. She is also the initiator of Brokenshire College Research Ethics Committee.

Dr. John Stephen G. Curada

Dr. Curada holds a PhD in Education and is a devoted practitioner of Jerome Bruner’s learning theory. He has rich experience in teaching Math to students from kindergarten to graduate levels in a creative way.

Dr. Pablo F. Busquit

Dr. Busquit holds a PhD in Educational Management and has over 35 years of experience in education field. He received a Graduate leve ACI and a leadership award in educational management. He is also the editor of some chief journals.

Reve Abelarde

Reve is the founder of Heart to Hand Foundation. She has been a corporate trainer since 2010 and working as a transformational speaker for years. She is the author of "How to Get Your Prayers Answered & Influence Your Environment" and other inspirational books.

Sansan Ching

Sansan is the founder of CECES, a well-known charity with over 37 years of history. She has worked in the education field for over four decades and trained teachers at preschool and primary schools. She has also conducted pioneering work in family education.

Dennis P. Balantucas

Dennis is a digital marketer helping businesses use online social platforms to drive product sales. He has had remarkable success with his projects such as the website of Bachelor’s Realty and Brokerage Incorporated.

Maria Shelia B. Balantucas

Maria is an experienced financial advisor who works in one of the most reputable insurance companies in Philippines, Philippine American Life and General Insurance (Philam Life). She is also a certified investment solicitor in the Philam Asset Management Group.