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WEA Interactive Courses (In-app)

Equal Opportunities of Quality Education

WEA Online Courses are supplementary teaching tools, designed for educational centers and schools to help enhance their students’ learning.

Fast + Fun Learning!

Play a few minutes of games daily to master the knowledge!


3 Times Faster + Long-term Memory

For our son, the two-and-a-half-year-old, he could recognize everything by looking at it!

Michelle W.

Parent, USA

It’s self-contained … It’s great that I can do everything within the app!

Kelly L.

Teacher, Canada

It provides a fun way of learning instead of just sitting in your classroom with a book!

Eryn M.

Student, USA

Courses Overview

WEA Interactive Courses center around the idea of game-based learning, where students can play a few minutes of games daily to master knowledge!

Curriculum Courses

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Curriculum Courses

Cover various areas of Chinese, English and Mathematics with content-based courses

Fun Phonics & Fast Spelling

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Fun Phonics & Fast Spelling

Use 44 standard phonic sounds in English to train accurate pronunciation and spelling
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Speech & Brain Development

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Speech and Brain Development Course

Develop right-brain potential through early exposure to multiple languages
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English Vocabulary

Coming soon!

English Vocabulary

Coming soon!

WEA Online Courses Features

3 Times Faster

Proven with results, WEA helps students to learn 3 times faster than traditional learning methods.

Game-based Contents

Raise students’ learning interest by turning exercises and dictations into games.

A.I. Learning System

Customize content and arrange learning schedules through artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems.

Online Teacher Support

Certified teachers provide online teaching support anytime anywhere.

30 Days Money-back Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

– Refund is only applicable for the first WEA course purchased by the user.
– User must learn for a minimum of 20 minutes daily with record in the app.
– User must learn no more than 30% of the course content.
– Request for refund will be made within 30 days from the date of purchase.